About 90 days ago, we came very close to announcing that the micro-blowers were working; this means blowing some amount of air at some pressure. But, one of the last micro structures was not operating correctly, so we could not make that announcement. Literally, one little thing and I mean little, on the scale of millionths of a meter, prevented us from making bubbles (this is our familiar term for blowing air). And while this tiny piece didn’t work as expected, the other parts within the micro-blower did! We witnessed those parts working and at operational speed; remember our mantra “hundreds of these little micro-blowers in parallel and operating thousands of times a second”? It was an awesome sight!

The reason we did not share this with you was because we thought that we might get that component to work on the very next iteration. Well, that did not happen. We’ve processed a number of iterations since then and while we have made incremental improvements each time, we’re not quite there. It is so frustrating to be so close, but not quite there. We keep thinking that the next iteration will be the big one and then we’ll scream from the roof tops, “it works, it works, its blowing bubbles!” Well, not yet, but it really could be the next iteration. Really!

We continue to make progress on all the other components of the Airing product, such as nose buds and micro pressure sensors, even though it seems so painfully slow at times. And, we continue to build relationships with top tier world class global companies who have the expertise to help us transition from prototypes to product rapidly. We all share the mission of getting the Airing micro-CPAP device into the hands of those who so desperately need it, like my brother, as quickly as is possible.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress. The next iteration could be the “one” or maybe it’s a few more until we can announce that a micro-blower is working. In our next update, we will describe each of Airing’s major components and where we stand with each one. The one thing I can say is that we are continuously moving forward and making progress, and that we are accelerating our approach to this goal! Please hang in there.