We have already written about how we're making Airing so small and that its size will mean better compliance with the CPAP therapy. But that's just the beginning of the benefits sleep apnea patients will enjoy with Airing's small size.

Small enough to be single use, and recyclable.

Each Airing device is designed to be every bit as powerful as a traditional CPAP when you need it at night. The battery is designed to work for one night's use and the micro-blowers, casing, and nasal inserts, will be mass produced so the cost per Airing device will be quite low (targeting about $3 apiece).

That means no messy cleaning.

One of the biggest complaints about the typical CPAP masks, other than non-compliance, is that they are so hard to clean. The hoses and the mask itself must be detached and cleaned regularly or the air will begin to smell and negative health effects could set in.

Not so with Airing. Because it's small and disposable, there is no need to clean anything. Ever.

Midnight bathroom run with no lengthy detachment/reattachment process.

With a typical CPAP mask, an act as simple as going to the bathroom at night can be an arduous chore. No more. Airing, because it has no hoses to detach and no machines to turn off, means you can just get up and go.

Sleep on your side, on your back, or roll back and forth.

Go ahead, roll over.

The other magical result of Airing's small size is that you can roll over as you sleep. Sounds insignificant until you're a sleep apnea patient with a typical CPAP mask on and you try it. The hoses will likely get caught on the sheets, breaking the seal on your face. Or the mask itself will push against your face as you turn your head, again breaking the seal. Sleep apnea patients end up a prisoner of one sleeping position.

Not so with Airing. It's so small that you can roll over all you want and not be disturbed.

Travel made easy.

This one may be the killer app of Airing for many. No longer will sleep apnea patients be required to lug bags of equipment (mask, hoses, machine, etc.) whenever they travel. Instead, they can easily pack away in a normal toiletry bag as many Airing devices as nights they will be away. Even wear it on the plane to avoid embarrassing snoring and get some quality sleep.

One of our followers on Facebook went a step further and said that with Airing they could finally go camping again. 

CPAP users unite!
We’re launching on June 15, 2015 on Indiegogo a campaign to generate enough money to make Airing happen. We need your help. Whether it’s for you or for someone you care about, contribute to the Airing cause when we launch. In the meantime, send a link to this blog post to everyone you know, post it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, anywhere your friends are. Invite people to get behind this important technological marvel that is just too revolutionary to not exist.

Thank you, think small, and #FundAiring.