You read that right. Airing has invented a micro CPAP device that has no hoses, no cords, and no masks. And we did it for one reason: too many sleep apnea patients don’t wear their CPAP masks at night. And who can blame them with those awful masks, cords, and hoses?

Airing product rendering.

Airing product rendering.

It's all about the micro-blowers.


Airing is the result of an incredibly happy accident. Airing inventor, Stephen Marsh, was working on an entirely different invention at the time. And, as any creative inventor tends to do, Marsh began thinking about other applications for these micro-blowers.

Here is how Marsh recalls the birth of Airing:

"As I started to look at how others approached the micro fluidic pumps in the MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) world, I saw a lot of limitations and inefficiencies in their designs. Because I am always facing volumetric and gravimetric challenges in the PowerChip world, I was able to come up with some real innovations in the design of a new micro fluidic pump.

Once I had designed these micro pumps, I realized that they could and should be built using the “roll-to-roll” (R2R) manufacturing process. I validated this with Kodak who is probably the most knowledgeable manufacturing company in the R2R space since they developed much of the science and art behind it. Using Kodak’s five foot wide machine running at 83 feet per second, it can make three million micro pumps each minute! WOW!! This makes them so low cost, they can be disposable.

My brother suffers from sleep apnea, and is what is known as "non-compliant" (he won’t wear the traditional sleep mask). In thinking of his situation, I realized that the pumping capability of my new design could just as easily be used to pump air into a small device that could fit in your nose. If the device could blow the right amount of air at the right pressure, it could revolutionize the treatment of sleep apnea. I checked the specifications of the standard CPAP machines and concluded that these new "micro-blowers" could provide the same effect but in a portable and disposable form.

I then discussed the concept with medical experts, who were uniformly enthusiastic about the potential of the micro blowers approach to treating breathing disorders. Based on this apparent feasibility and the desperate need for an alternative to the traditional CPAP masks, we formed Airing to develop the next generation CPAP breathing device."

It's a story of liberation.

Airing can fit into a patient's nose, which means no cords, hoses, or masks. Which also means a sleep apnea patient can finally sleep. Hoses won't get caught on the side table knocking things over. Cords won't get caught in the covers tugging on the big traditional strapped masks and loosening the seal. Wearing the Airing device means you can toss and turn all you want, all the while maintaining a perfect seal.

But the real liberation happens when you wake up. You won't be tired. You will have more energy. You will have better memory. You will get more done. In short, you will be more of who you are. All because Airing has finally made it so easy to comply.

But the liberation goes beyond OSA patients. Airing means no more snoring, and no more snoring means your partner is liberated as well. Two for the price of one.

Sleep apnea patients unite!

It's time to make compliance easy. We need your help to get Airing off the drawing board and into the hands of sleep apnea patients everywhere.

First, we are raising money through Indiegogo launching in June, 2015. And between now and then we will be posting updates on this blog, on our Facebook Page, and on our Twitter Page. So we invite you to subscribe to any and all of those channels. 

Second, please invite others whose lives could change for the better with Airing. Think of it as liberating your friends.

But most importantly, of course, we invite you to contribute to the cause on June, 2015, on Indiegogo (link to be posted when we launch). Whatever you can afford. Together we can help everyone who needs one finally get a good night's sleep.

Thanks in advance.