1. Why is my name not listed on any of the Founder Walls?

Our Founder Walls feature the contributors that donated early enough in our campaign to get a "Founder" perk. Their perks included "Your name will be listed on our website as a Founding Member of Airing" along with their voucher, a Founder's Certificate, and subscription to our quarterly e-reports.

If you are a Founder and your name is not on the wall, it may be because you did not provide your name when donating, chose to donate anonymously, or chose to not have your name associated with the amount you donated.


2. Why haven't I received my voucher?

We have sent out the vouchers for all contributions we received through April 16, 2017.

If you contributed before April 16, 2017, but have not received your voucher, please be sure to check your spam or ‘Promotions’ folders, as our email may have landed there. If it’s not there, please email us at contact@fundairing.com and we will resend you the link to your voucher.  

We send out vouchers in batches every 4 to 6 months.


3.  I received my voucher, but can't open or print it.

If you are having trouble opening, accessing, or viewing your voucher, please email us at contact@fundairing.com and we will send you a link to your voucher in a different format.


4. How will I redeem my voucher for my Airing Supply?

While you are welcome to print out your voucher (and frame it), a physical copy of the voucher will not be necessary to redeem your Airing devices. It is most important that you save and protect the voucher number. We will be using that number, the email address used to contribute, and the number of Airings designated on your voucher to cross check and confirm your purchase. You will also need a current prescription from a medical professional (usually a physician or dentist) to redeem. Each voucher number will only be allowed to be redeemed once, so it is up to you not to share your number and information with others. We advise you to save your voucher email and download your voucher PDF. If you lose your voucher, however, we will have record of your contribution.

When Airing is available, you will contact us and provide the required information, then you will be sent your supply of Airing.


5.  How will I know when Airing is available?

When Airing becomes available, we will be posting on our Indiegogo page, our website, and our Facebook page. Also, an email will be sent to anyone who has signed up for updates on our website. Sign up here!

We anticipate that Airing will become available in 2018.


6. Is my voucher transferrable?

Yes. You may give your voucher to another person. They will be able to redeem it as long as they can provide the voucher number, the email address that you used when you donated to the Airing campaign, and the number of Airings that are associated with that voucher. They will also need a current prescription from a medical professional (usually a physician or dentist) to redeem. Please keep in mind that each voucher has a unique number and can only be redeemed once.


If you have a question that you do not see answered here, please feel free to email us at contact@fundairing.com and we will be happy to help you out!