It's a micro-CPAP                                                                              AND it does nothing

                                                             Airing micro-CPAP                                  Counterfeit



Some of you may be aware of this but we thought we should bring something important to your attention. The Airing micro-CPAP design (including our nose bud design), our images, our videos, and our product descriptions have been copied. These counterfeiters are trying to make people believe that it is the actual Airing device that they are selling, and hundreds of people have been duped into buying these non-functioning hollow shells. The sellers of these knockoffs even use “black hat” techniques to direct searches for Airing CPAP to the sites that sell these useless fake products.


These knockoff pseudo resemblances are not medical devices...they are hollow inside...We cannot even be sure that the materials are safe.

-Stephen Marsh, President and Inventor of Airing



All types of products have been victims of counterfeiters. People can be misled and tempted to purchase counterfeit devices in several ways. Marketing, graphics and other materials offered in support of counterfeit devices can appear very similar to those produced by manufacturers of the legitimate product. It is particularly dangerous when medical products, such as drugs, equipment, and devices, are copied. These counterfeit products are unregulated by the FDA and thus illegal to sell in the United States. Despite their unregulated and unapproved status, many of these medical products can be purchased in the US via the internet on well-known and respected sites. We are living in a “buyers beware” world. If you are considering purchasing a medical productbe sure that the product is acquired directly from the manufacturer or an authorized distributor; that the technology is authentic; and that it is approved by the FDA for its intended use.


These fake devices are not CPAP machines. Sleep apnea is a serious condition, and it is important to treat it with real therapy. These devices will do nothing to treat sleep apnea. In fact, we bought one, opened it up and found nothing but a piece of foam inside. No micro-blowers, no pressure sensors, no battery. Nothing! Not only are these hollow shells a waste of your money, but this knockoff may also be harmful in other ways. The quality (and safety) of the materials used in their production is unknown. They are certainly not FDA-approved and have no CE Mark. These knockoffs are not generic versions of Airing. There is simply no one else who has these micro-blowers, or anything close. Airing is not just a few pieces of plastic that can be quickly snapped together, nor can any manufacturing company with a Tool and Die shop and injection molding capability build it. Airing’s technology and design are proprietary inventions. 


We have received many emails from our community members who have shared links to sites selling fake Airings, as well as alerting us to knockoffs that have been advertised on Facebook and TV commercials. We are working to get these counterfeit items removed from sites where they are being sold. We are pursuing legal action against the sellers and the sites where they are offered. We are making people aware of these copycat devices. We have had success getting some counterfeit items removed, but as soon as we do they pop up somewhere else.

You can help by spreading this word of warning too. We advise you to avoid any items resembling Airing or promising to do what Airing does.Remember, if you have been prescribed CPAP for the treatment of your sleep apnea, your best option is to use your CPAP machine until Airing is available. We are working hard to bring Airing to market as soon as possible. 

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