Photo provided courtesy of the Chicago White Sox.

Photo provided courtesy of the Chicago White Sox.

Chicago White Sox’s Head Athletic Trainer, Herm Schneider, is the longest tenured and most successful trainer in Major League Baseball (MLB). Over the last 14 seasons (2002-15), the White Sox have used the disabled list just 135 times for a total of 5,950 days, both the fewest totals in the MLB. His ability to prevent and rehabilitate injuries is a true testament to his knowledge and professionalism which will become a major asset as he joins the Airing Medical Advisory Board.

Mr. Schneider has accumulated a number of accomplishments during his 40 years in the MLB. He has been selected as Head Trainer for the American League All-Star team in 1983, 1991, 2003, and 2016. He and the Chicago White Sox staff received the 2006 Dick Martin Award for Medical Staff of the Year by Baseball Prospectus and was individually honored as“Trainer of the Year” in 2009. He has supervised major rehabilitation and conditioning programs for great players like Bo Jackson, Ozzie Guillen, Robin Ventura, Jake Peavy, and Michael Jordan.

His accolades extend beyond the baseball diamond. In 2007, he co-authored an article in the American Journal of Orthopedics on the evaluation of elbow and shoulder problems in professional baseball pitchers and was on the faculty of Northwestern University’s Institute of Medicine and Sports Law conference. In 2008, Mr. Schneider joined the faculty of the University of South Florida Sports Medicine conference.


“It’s exciting to be involved with a company and product that is on the verge of helping so many people with their sleep apnea and aid their overall health. Airing’s innovation will surely improve the quality of life for those who deal with this issue,” says Herm Schneider.


Mr. Schneider suffers from sleep apnea and is a strong supporter and advocate for others who struggle with OSA and their CPAP devices. Due to his personal experiences with traditional CPAP therapy, he eagerly decided to join the Airing Team.


“We are delighted to have Mr. Schneider on our Medical Advisory Board. Due to his long list of achievements as a professional athletic trainer and dedication to health and fitness, he will become a great ambassador to help spread awareness about sleep apnea and its correlation to a decline in performance both athletically and in everyday life. We are looking forward to working with him,” says Airing’s President Stephen Marsh.