Over the past couple of months, we’ve been building and evaluating the various parts and pieces of the prototype for our micro-blower technology. We are very close to having the first fully-constructed micro-blower subassemblies completed. Once we have them, we will begin testing their functionality.


Today, we are excited to announce that, to prepare for this testing, we have just completed a key, customized component of our test system. This component, called a device under test (DUT) test fixture, will eventually allow us to test the operational performance of the micro-blower technology we have been building. Soon, we will be able to answer the important question: “Can these tiny micro-blowers successfully blow air?”



This DUT test fixture was designed and constructed to allow for airflow through the micro-blowers via two small air hoses connected to either side of our fixture. These air hoses will be attached to the two green ports pictured above. A sample sheet of our micro-blowers prototype, which is the device under test (DUT), is too small to see in this photo but lies at the center of the test fixture. With each test, we will be looking to see that the micro-blowers can draw air in from the Input port and blow that air through to the Output port. The output air will be monitored by separate instruments measuring airflow and air pressure. If the micro-blowers pump a net amount of air, and if an increase in pressure is measured at the output, then we know we have built working blowers and will have proven our basic micro-blower concept.


Having the DUT test fixture built puts us in a great position to complete our test system as we await the completed version of our fully-constructed subassemblies from our partners at a separate lab.


We will be sharing more updates with you as we near this exciting time in our development. And again, thank you to everyone who is following and supporting our progress!