what's in the box?


We are very excited because a huge, wooden crate has just been delivered to the Airing lab. Inside the box is a vital piece of equipment that will allow us to execute one portion of our micro-blower construction completely in-house!


Why is in-house development significant? Without it, we would have had to spend money renting time in other laboratories and hiring outside engineers to gain access to this equipment whenever we had to test, analyze, adjust, and retest a part of our prototype’s technology. Being on another lab’s schedule and having to ship materials back and forth would slow us down and potentially delay our development.


Having this machine right here in our lab will ensure that this portion of the prototyping process goes smoothly, efficiently, and best of all,  more quickly. If it weren’t for your contributions, bringing this phase of development of the Airing prototype into our lab would not be possible.


Now, where’s the crowbar?