Answer: We have designed the Airing device to provide eight hours of treatment before the energy in the battery is consumed. Several design choices were made to reduce power consumption and thereby extend the run time. 

Electrostatic actuation of small moving structures has proven to be the least power hungry, most efficient drive mechanism, and this is what we use to move the micro-blowers.

The Airing device is designed to direct all the air being moved by the micro-blowers into your airways. During inhalation, no air is lost out the exhalation vents as in other designs. The air movement through the micro-blowers can be controlled dynamically, adjusting to the breathing cycle, so as not to waste unnecessary energy blowing against the exhalation. 

This combination of design and operational control minimizes power consumption, allowing a highly energetic Zinc-air battery to store eight hours of energy in a small and lightweight package. 

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