Meet Ras, one of our engineers working to prototype Airing’s micro-pumps. Ras has over 12 years of experience manipulating novel micro-scale structures, and we are fortunate to have him on our team. Over the past couple of months, he and the rest of our engineering team have been researching, identifying, and experimenting with materials to find the best choice for our micro-blower technology.

In this photo, Ras is analyzing the material (we aren’t able to say which) that has passed all of our processing experiments. With these tests, we have successfully demonstrated that this material will:

  • be safe, inexpensive, and readily available enough for use in the Airing device

  • stand up to the processing required to manufacture our micro-blower’s components

  • provide the proper structural support needed for the blower’s components

  • exhibit and maintain the necessary elasticity for full functionality of each blower

Now that we have identified a suitable material (and its supplier), our next step requires patterning this material using micromachining techniques so that it can conduct electricity to power each micro-blower and successfully pump air.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress!


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