Hi Airing Supporters,

As a company born of the crowd (you), we place enormous value in communicating our progress to everyone who has contributed to the development of the Airing prototype. Airing is a lean and mean team and we are determined to keep you updated on our progress while we execute our primary mission of meeting or exceeding our timeline to get this device into your hands.

We are delving into uncharted territory here and couldn’t be more excited. As far as we know, we are the first to develop a breakthrough technology from such an early stage with this large of a supportive community behind it. As you know, the technology in Airing has never been assembled in this way before. The formfactor of Airing–from the nosebuds to the micro-blowers–has never existed before. The price-point we’re targeting would have been laughable even a few months ago. Therefore, the ultimate existence of Airing may very well be seismically disruptive to the sleep apnea treatment industry.

Given this anticipated disruption, it will not always be in Airing's or your best interest for us to publicly announce many of the trade secrets or specifics of our development. As excited as we may be to share which engineers we work with, materials we incorporate, or equipment we consider utilizing at certain stages, doing so could breach contracts, impede our progress, and significantly delay Airing's release to the public. That’s something we cannot risk.

But you don’t need to worry. We intend to find the right balance between protecting our technology and sharing important progress with you. Today, we want to give you a few updates on the early stages of Airing's proof of concept prototype, straight from the keyboard of Airing inventor, Stephen Marsh:


  • As a direct result of Airing’s crowdfunding campaign, we have been introduced to a number of significant companies and have engaged in several very promising technical discussions. These conversations have led us to an alternative approach to prototyping that should accelerate the proof of concept process.

  • We are now under contract with several specialty engineering firms, all of which are busy helping us facilitate prototyping the proof of concept micro-blower devices.
  • We have also identified a set of materials and processes that will allow faster prototyping of the proof of concept micro-blower devices.

  • We are evaluating the possibilities of several major equipment purchases that could give us more control of our schedule and timing.

  • We are eagerly expecting important results from some of our material processing experiments that will help us select which of the parallel paths we have designed is most appropriate to pursue.

  • We are continuing to work on many of the various aspects of the prototype in parallel (including micro-blower construction, nosebud and case design improvement, and sustainability options) to reach the testing phase as efficiently as possible.


Of course, the creation of a technology this new does not happen overnight. But we are making significant progress and remain on schedule. We will continue to keep you posted in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more.